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  The eBookshelving system provides an optimized dynamic depository of all CAE-based activities for a particular setting. The eBooksheving system contains the following electromechanical elements:

1. Theory of Operation (analytical developments)
2. Bill of materials
3. Analysis/simulation plan
4. Obtain/generate empirical data (experimental development)
5. Obtain/generate models via CAD (VL, TC, TL, I-DEAS), CAE (SABER, MATLAB)
6. Analysis/simulation of models (simulation development)
7. PIM of data /GUI/web development / presentation and documentation
8. IR via Hardware Processing Team/Customers

eBookshelving has been performed for the following modules (so far):

Ambient Light Sensor
Break Position Sensor
Lighting Failsafe Circuit
High Performance Switch Input
Ignition Input
Left Right Seat Temp
Low beam Park Interlock
Mute Circuit
Motor driver
Multiplexer Source Io
Panel Dimmer
Panel Driver
Power Supply
Pull Up Power
Relay H Driver
RFA X Link
Smart High-Side Power Switch
Steering Wheel
Switcher Boost
Wiper Input
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