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  Why WH_KBE?

WH_KBE is a tool which synchronizes data from the start (PA), between ECAD and MCAD.
- Optimization through automation.
- Constant Circuit Synchronization, therefore, accurate analysis at each step, taking into consideration all manufacturing rules.
- Eliminating erroneous communications ( LT, LC, HQ).


- Some of the tools utilized might become redundant.
- Real Cost / Time savings and Total Quality improvement..
- Maximum Accuracy.
- Synchronization is done completely automatically.
- No trouble in exporting and importing files.
- No error as a result of using wrong versions of ECAD or MCAD files.
- Initial routing utilizes MCAD information, therefore complete optimization when router is designed.
- Communication between ECAD and MCAD groups is minimized.
- Generated KBE databases are very comprehensive.
- Constant Analysis Capabilities and netlist generation.


WH_KBE is an advanced technique that saves time and cost. It reduces the design cycle to almost half and the cost to almost 80% compared with other existing systems.

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