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  Vehicle Integration Processor (VIP) provides the Multimedia Head Unit (MHU) with the following:

Control Knobs & Buttons
Class 2 Data Bus Interface
IDB Data Bus Interface
LAN communication bus interface.
Power Management
Manage host and radio processor health

A hardware block diagram of the MHU system from the perspective of the VIP (context for the other processors is omitted unless relevant to the VIP) is shown below.
  This embedded system project consists of the following procedures:

1. Extract data/design requirements from the customer.
2. Develop the module design.
3. Prepare the test plan for the feature.
4. Develop the code using C language.
5. Simulate the code using the Cosmic Compiler.
6. Test the code with the Simulator and the related hardware (Micro controller HC12DP256, key pad, Flash programmer, BDM Interface).
7. Review the performance.

Embedded system is performed for the following modules.

Button Manager
CD Manager
Steering Wheel Control
Anti Theft Manager
Phone Manager
Calibration Info Server
Personality Manager
A/D Manager
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