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Integrated starter generator (ISG) combines the starter and alternator with enhanced functionality as is relates to the engine. The main advantages of ISG are providing faster starting compared to current 12-volt starters, which makes frequent start/stop of an engine possible, and supplying higher power for ever-increasing electrical loads compared to current 12-volt alternators. In addition, ISG will improve fuel consumption by making the vehicle more efficient, regenerating energy from the braking system, and directly effect packaging issues by eliminating and reducing the size of some modules.

In developing this product, which is a first such system on the market, CAE modeling, simulation, and analysis of electrical components and subsystems of an integrated starter alternator (ISG) is performed. The circuit simulation tool Saber was used. ISG consists of three sections: induction machine, inverter, and indirect field oriented controller. It has been modeled using two different methods: detailed and averaged. The detailed method gives the more accurate results, while the averaged method provides faster simulation time. In the detailed model, all three sections of the ISG (induction machine, inverter, and indirect field oriented controller) are modeled with as much detail as possible. In the averaged model, the model of the inverter switches is replaced by the averaged model.

Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the ISG and Indirect Rotor Flux Oriented Controller schematics.



Figure 1 Saber Sketch circuit diagram of the ISG (detailed)



Figure 2 Saber Sketch circuit diagram of the Indirect Rotor Flux Oriented Controller


Simulation results (bus voltage, current in/out of the ISG, and the shaft torque) for the detailed and averaged ISG models are shown in Figure 3 and Figure 4, respectively. As seen from the figures, there is no difference between the simulation results other than ripples in the detailed method. However, simulation time for the averaged model is much faster than the detailed one.



Figure 3 Simulation results from Saber for Detailed ISG



Figure 4 Simulation results from Saber for Averaged ISG

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